Improve engine thrust


I notice that a lot of the large jet aircraft in IF appear to be underpowered. This is especially noticeable on final approach.

If the thrust parameters in the flight model could be improved that would be greatly appreciated.

In my opinion engine thrust is just fine in IF. Any more would make it unrealistic.


What thrust level do you use? Also what aircraft?

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I don’t really understand what you are wanting from thrust realism… do you mean the time it takes from 0-100%NG Thrust, or the sounds, etc.

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I personally think changing it is unnecessary. It already works great as it goes from 0-100 quick for me. I just have to hold hight so it doesn’t drop.

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I haven’t noticed anything being particularly underpowered, and if it is underpowered, it’s because it’s that underpowered in real life (A340 I’m looking at you and your hairdryers).

You say particularly on final approach you notice it, but what is your N1 when you’re on final? Anything around 60-70% and maybe even a little higher is pretty normal. Remember when you’re on final, you’re at full or close to full flaps, with your gear down. This creates a LOT of drag, so your engines have to work harder to maintain your approach speed.

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I reckon IF is such a good sim that if you want engine thrust to be improved in IF, you have to first phone the aircraft manufacturer and ask them to improve it in real life 😉


I am unsure on this issue, but at the same time I don’t find it a problem and I think that IF has other things to work on such as aircraft reworks, airport reworks, glitches etc.

Once the auto pilot is engaged and a speed is set, the thrust levers go below 40% and then they reach the preset speed. Also, there should be TO/GA button.

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I primarily fly the 737 and do lots of manual approaches (no autothrottle). As such it feel slightly underpowered. I do not take off with more than 100% N1 as that’s unrealistic.

Say I set N1 to 70%, I expect to get more thrust than what I get in the game. The 737 NG series has decent power in real life yet I find myself really working the throttle a lot especially on final approach with flaps 40.

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I don’t want this to seem disrespectful, but the way I read your last post, you said that the aircraft doesn’t act the way you think it should? In that case, I must ask, where do you get your information about how it should act? If you were a captain or F/O on a 737 in real life and felt that there is a dramatic difference between the way the aircraft act irl and in IF, then that would be a different matter.

Lastly, we have several real life pilots both commercial and GA in the community and the beta team, as well as the fact that IF checks their flight models with real pilots on that particular aircraft.

Again, I do not want to come across as being disrespectful, but I think that if you want to claim that the flight model is wrong, have some numbers to back it up.

– Jakub