Improve CLT

As a CLT local, I would love to have more accurate markings and at least gate parking lines and more options for gates. I know this takes a lot of time, but please keep it under consideration at least! I know that for all of us who play and fly in CLT would appreciate this immensely!


I’m sure they’ll get to it. They’ve got a crap-ton of regions to upgrade to a higher standard and CLT will certainly be upgraded soon given its significance in US air travel and the addition of at least the USAir A321-200.

Best, Boeing707

Pretty sure someone in the airport editing team will get round to this one! :smile:

In fact, can’t remember if I made some improvements in the last update…

There are a lot of airports that need this kind of improvement. We have it on our to-do list :)

Talk about improvements how about:

  1. Runway Numbering.
  2. Taxi Signage w/ to rway numbering
  3. Blue Taxiway Lights.
  4. Brighter Beacons
  5. An Airport Diagram in Map’s

1, 2, and 3 are graphic things that IF doesn’t support yet. 4 would be an easy fix, 5 not so much. Basically, the actual devs do all this stuff. The airport editing team can’t add things the game doesn’t support yet ;)

Yes, eh, yes, yes, yes.

Best, Boeing707

Progress is there must important product! Having been with IF since the start up I’m always amazed at the “Progress” they, the 2 major players Matt and Phil have made. IF is a modern marvel. Take that from a kid who grew up with Dick Tracey wrist radios and Buck Rodgers ray guns. “Do good work” IF now all you need to do is stream via ROKU… Regards to all present here! Max Sends

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