Improve ATC communications

When ATC gives us (pilot) instructions at times it doesn’t make sense for us to follow or the instructions they give us could lead us to a crash! I’ve had some experiences when ATC instructs me to descent to a lower altitude in a terrain area for example in KBUR or KLAX I personally think we should have more saying as pilot so we can be able to communicate better. Or be able to explain why we can’t proceed ATC instructions because we are the one’s flying and we can see what’s easier for us. You guys should come with more ideas for ATC instructions procedures! And when ATC players are not online the computer should give us instructions!


I have as well. I agree with you. You can reply with “unable” and document your activity with a third party screen recorder and/or screenshots in case of gohst.


Thanks for your post today, unfortunately to post in #features you are required to be TL2 or higher.

We have the features category so we can suggest, vote and hopefully have our ideas implemented into IF!

Continue to contribute and when you reach TL2, you can go and make suggestions! I do recommend you have a search through and see all the suggestions that have been made already to help improve ATC.

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Or we can either write what we would like to say to ATC.


I have always thought the “unable” button was slightly confusing because if you reply “unable” you almost always are ghosted or are told to check tutorials on the forum… what is the point of saying “unable” if that happens?


It is there for a reason. In circumstances were ATC is in error of direction it is perfectly acceptable to use it. Use it and if you get gohsted I am almost certain it would get reversed if you appeal. Mods can weigh in on that though. Personally, if I’m on a 5 hour flight and want to land and they instruct me to turn into a mountain (happened twice now) I ain’t gonna do it.

It’s also important to note that ATC can get extremely busy and as highly-trained and skilled as they are they are human beings and they can make mistakes so if a directional mistake is made by them and you see that, then you are able to reply “unable” and they should take a second look at their directions given to you and correct accordingly.


Great idea! I always thought that would be helpful. I know people have requested this in the past and it has been brought up that… “this would slow down the ATC process” personally I think that it would be useful to add a typing feature in addition to what we have right now.

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True that…


As an experienced Air Traffic Controller, I can fully say that I have used unable before and have not received a ghosting. It is required for approach ATC to check the terrain around the area they are vectoring when they do receive an unable to ensure if there is a potential conflict. In addition, you could always politely message the controller on the forum if you feel as though you could have received better service. We’re always up for a chat.


Was this a feature request… it is in the ATC category?

No, hence my post.

The OP is recommending improvements which should be in features.

It was originally in #support, I moved it. :)

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Oh I understand. Thx

If you are on Expert this should not happen. On the training server this is unavoidable as people are learning but on expert you can request a climb if necessary.


We could add an “input” button or something like that next to the other buttons.
See the screenshot to understand
Sorry about this bad drawing.

In my view, the ATC should read the air navigation charts when executing the approaches, it happened to me in MMMX, the instruction they gave me was to cross a mountain, crash, not follow their instructions and save my life the ATC scolded me, and I have no option to let you know that I do not have a tunnel machine.


That sounds intense…errm yea just make sure that if you can document with screenshot or screen recorder if your going to go against ATC.

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You also can request to climb to necessary altitude


I agree, but there could me some negative consequences. Such as trolls could have more control over there own heading and altitude and could start to negatively affect other pilots on the expert server, which would obviously be awful. The volume in this game is very unrealistic to real life, and ATC cannot be perfect all the time, trust me, I know. Again, your in control off your own aircraft and you #1 priority should be keeping your theoretical self and theoretical passengers safe. So as previously mentioned, in this case I would recommend (as a last-case) ATC just once distragard ATC instructions, like climb 1,000ft or so, and keep your aircraft safe, and take screenshots. Chances are you’d probably be ghosted, but you could just shoot a PM to the controller and he/ she would understand if you had valid screenshots explaining your perspective.

Hope this helps.

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It was not a direct accusation, nor a complaint, just a recommendation to what happened to me.