Improve airport & ground lights


I’m sure when they add this it will be a great improvement.
This is much needed and I think the devs do agree but can’t do much yet.
The taxiway lights might be okay to do but city lighting is very hard to make. They will have to pinpoint every single lighting source around the globe to get a realistic feel to it.
This is a job that will take many hours and might probably won’t be added until they have the right equipment for this.
Though I think this is a great topic and maybe we will see it coming soon!


I agree and feel the priority is airport lighting for our flying experience.

City lighting is a nice to have and would make the world environment more realistic per say. But I can wait as I feel the flying experience is the most important aspect for a sim.


Lighting the airports and aircraft definitely needs improvement, but I would also like to see and update that adds clouds


The airport editing team said that they have already implemented taxi lights however the Devs need to upload it in the next update which is quite frustrating


and maybe have atc being able to control the lights to show which taxiways and runways are in use and/or closed just like in most modern airports


thats why i make it day during taxi and line up on runway so i can see where im heading lmao. Its way better than before tho at least


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Hi community please consider voting for this important update if you haven’t already, it will greatly improve the sim for all.


I’m bringing this up, it’s very much needed


Ground lights will make IF way more realistic. :) This feature deserves a vote.


Hi community please continue to consider voting for a much needed airport lighting update. Taxiway lights are very much needed for taxi operations during low light and low visibility conditions, especially at the large international airports. Improved runway lighting to include approach lights will make airports more visible at night and improve realism overall.


Would be an awesome addition! But let’s think about what the Airort Editors would have to do - do all the airports again, and check the real world lights on every airport(If thats what your going for), and make sure everything lines up at every airport. I might be wrong about this though. I totally support this idea though, you have my vote!


Thanks. Yeah it’s gonna be alot of work and there’s no way it’ll happen over night. But I’m fully confident that our Airport Editing team can do it!

Would probably be good idea for them to focus on the most frequently used IAPs first, followed by smaller airports.


I am highly confident they can do that as well. I also agree that they should focus on the most frequently used IAP’s. Awesome request, hope it gets added soon…


We wouldn’t have to do anything extra at all; we already add taxiway and runway lights. They just don’t render.


Really? Wow, did not know that! That’s awesome :-)


Voted,we need that !


Definitely needed! Voted, and can’t wait to see it implemented into the sim.


This would be good to have in IF because we would be able to see better at night


It actually might not be as hard as we think. They’ve already got what is basically a moving satellite map going. What needs to be done (and this is surely possible), is to somehow download (from a map source/server) vector data for roads, streets, highways, etc, and just a particular light color/effect to be applied to that vector data. Then, include randomly scattered other color lighting (white, for example) at varying densities (depending on whether the particular area is urban or rural) to provide the ambience of the area. The lighting they currently have for runways is awesome, and they don’t have to really change the lighting elements for the roads at all. I’ve been thinking about how close to reality this can actually be, recently.

Here’s an example of what I’m referring to:

If I recall correctly, FSX gets its default road vector data from Navteq or something like that?