Improve airport & ground lights


Hi community, please consider voting for this important issue if you agree that we need better airport lighting and taxiway lighting. Thanks!


Anything helps with lighting taxi ways at night also directions to parking or a map to go to after landing similar similarly to the one used to select spawn spot


I flew a short hop in the SR22 last night (at night in IF lol) from Republic airport to Westchester County airport in NY.

I had a clear night with 35 km + visibility (doesn’t get much better than that) and sadly couldn’t see runway 34 at westchester County airport until I was about 2 nm away. I was on an ILS approach flying into a dark abyss when finally the runway somewhat appeared at 2 nm away.

If this wasn’t a full ILS approach with glideslope and localizer, I would’ve completely lost the runway in the darkness.

It might be easier to find your way to a mostly blacked out aircraft carrier at night than it is to visually find a runway in infinite flight while flying at night. That includes runways at international airports :(

I really really really hope that the airport lighting update gets serious consideration. I’ve been playing IF since 2012 and this has been an issue we’re still dealing with.


In my opinion there is so much FDS can do to improve their graphics and features, even with IF situation right now (New imagery, 4k aircaft, anti aliasing, etc) some people with older device and many android users still struggling in perfomance (especially landing in crowded airport), can you imagine how many people will have a crash on their game on Landing with this lighting on runaway? Millions


smart idea,
also in real life the runway approach and landing light are only visible to the active runway (active end)
it will be amazing if inactive runway don’t show the approach lights to discourage landing.
and the visibility of taxiways upto 30º not more with gradually diminishing lights as it will not look good when flying vertically above and airport.


I’m out of votes because I want too many aircraft but I TOTALLY support this… it would add another level of realism


You can always remove a vote from something else which will allow you to vote for this


Hi community, please consider voting for this important issue if you agree that we need better airport lighting and taxiway lighting. Thanks!


I think if the lights are redone they should also maybe make it possible to dim the cockpit lights.


That would be a cool feature but I think the priority in cockpit lighting should be to include it in ALL aircraft cockpits: we still have cockpits that have no lighting for night time ops


This might be a bit advance but I know that at larger airports ATC can turn on the taxiway lights and runway lights when a plane is landing and that airport is not as busy. So I was thinking, if I’m final to an airport the lights automatically turn on so that you can land and taxi with bright lights and have the realism of the lights going on and off.


I think pilots can even ask how bright they can be.


That’s PCL - Pilot Controlled Lighting. Not available at all airports, but essentially it uses the radio to control aerodrome lights. Quite cool when you’re on final seeing it light up, but that’s off topic.


Its a great ideia, up this att


This is definitely a must have. Night flights are some of my favs, and airports, especially major airports, look stunning at night with all the lights. It would also help taxiiing and landing, as so many of you guys have said. Would be an amazing update, adding not only beauty to airports at night, but also realism and practicality.


Hi community please continue to comment and vote for this much needed update. Thanks!


This would really be an improvement. For realism we really need this. This would also make night flying so much more fun.


Agreed. Taxiway lights are high on the list too, it’s hard to find your way around at night.


When its night, you can barley see the taxi lines, this feature is needed a lot…


Hi community please consider voting for this important update if you haven’t already, it will greatly improve the sim for all.