Improve airport & ground lights


I thank u for raising that topic up and let me also add this to the topic Approach slopeneeds to be improved toothank u


Oh my, that would be incredible because you’d have a good lighting of the environment and you’d do much much better landings at night. This is a good thing to consider about. I’m voting for it :)


@Marns: MaxSez: Here’s a bonus addition to your great post. Well Done!

PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicators) primarily assists by providing visual glide slope guidance in non-precision approaches environment. These systems have an effective visual range of at least 3 miles during the day and up to 20 miles at night. The row of light units is normally installed on the left side of the runway and the glide path indications are as two red and two white (2 red 2 red dots) when on proper glide path angle of approach. Light combinations indicate when slightly high (3 white 3 white dots), significantly high (4 white 4 white dots), slightly low (3 red 3 red dots) and significantly low (4 red 4 red dots). Red over Red yr Dead! (Wiki & me)


@Carlos_lurajud… The Approach light system is called :
Approach Lighting System with Sequence Flashing Lights(ALSF-2). (FAA) Good Post. Regards, Max


I remember when IF actually had 4 light PAPIs. I’m not sure what ever happened to them. (The tri-color VASI would be a great addition too.)


They called Approach lights


Yes this will be good


I would like to see:
Displaced threshold lighting system
Taxiway lighting system
Runway entry/exit lighting
Approach lighting

These are all added in the airport editing so all we need is for them to be rendered. Would be awesome, particularly as i’ll be flying in night alot more in global


A better explanation of the types of lights and their position


Nope, runway end identifier lights (REILs) are at the corners of the runway next to the green lights, not 200ft before the runway :)


Please continue to vote for this much needed improvement. Shots taken recently at SFO with 35 km visibility.


A needed feature - they seem to have changed the VASIs a bit with a black border around the light, but as said, the whole lighting system needs a rework. I’m hoping this will come with taxiway lighting etc. One day…


Me too. I honestly feel this is the most important feature request as it currently affects everyone’s ability to enjoy night and low visibility flights. It’s also a realism factor as well.


Hi community, please consider voting for this important issue if you agree that we need better airport lighting and taxiway lighting. Thanks!


Truly needed. It’s a challenge to land at night! I thought I was the only one who thought night time flying isn’t practical with the conditions, and gives you a major disadvantage.


Also could we add taxi lights to its hard to taxi in our current state at night


They are called SALS, supplementary approach lighting system. Happy to offer any advice on EASA guidance for AGL and Approach And Runway lighting. Real life Heathrow ATC.


Good day community,

Please keep commenting and voting on this important issue if you haven’t already. Adding Taxiway lighting and improving existing airport lighting will greatly improve the flying experience for all of us.


This lights are extremely needed, to make Infinite Flight more realistic and to make night flights more enjoyable.


I love this idea, thanks for brining this up, gotta get one of my votes out for this one