Improve airport & ground lights


Would love to see more visible approach lighting (PAPI, VASI, blinking runway edge lights & runway lead in light strip) so we could fly visual approaches along with taxiway lighting for night operations and lit up city / town areas during night & sunset/sunrise flights. Would improve realism and the overall flying experience tremendously.

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High intensity runway lights for minimum VFR or IFR conditions.
What happened to 4-light PAPI lights?
Lights Landing ?
Brighter Lights
Airport Lighting
Potential Features for Infinite Flight

Please only request one thing per request


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+1 for this. The lighting system as a whole needs a redo, I suspect this may come with some other lighty things (taxiway lights/better runway lights hopefully :)

Improve runway lighting

You should change this to be all lighting systems. (Approach lighting, taxi lights, etc.)


Noted & that’s a great idea. I agree and will change post title. Thanks!


Maybe you could add more detail to the thread so someone that doesn’t know what this is does know what it’s for :)


We also need better runway markings:)


all the approach lighting and all that, yeah and taxi way lights would be helpful so we can see where we are on the ground at night because I am only flying day because I can’t taxi my plane at night


Same idea

LaGuardia at night



just like that. also needing landing aids or what ever there called


Yes this would help tremendously especially in low visibility!


Would also make it easier to spot approach end of runway at night and during sunrise / sunset.


Hope one day the aircraft gonna be more brillant and the ground too


One thing I haven’t seen referred to much in regard to lighting is “the rabbit” (, which I assume would be included in the addition to the APPR lights (posted above by @Carlos_lurajud). Also, if you’re approaching a runway, they should have the hold short lights flash red and then turn green when the runway is no longer in use/safe to enter (called RELs after a quick Google search).

Here’s a pretty holistic video of all the airport lighting systems that could be enhanced or added to IF: FAA Runway Safety Lighting Demonstration Video.

Great topic as the lack of lighting has limited my night flying (some of my favorite IRL) simply due to the lack of development with airport lighting—so far.


That’s what I get for not reading all the posts. Haha Sorry for the repeat.


Always wanted this Voted!!!


This is needed, Especially in IFR or minimum VFR conditions, could help guide you towards the runway safely!


I could see this being very cool!


This will be a Must Have once Global is out! Its too Dark at nighttime!