Improper behavior of the expert server

‏Hey everyone, what happened today at Princess Juliana Martin TNCM Airport was extremely inappropriate behavior during the exit of the control tower. The first person entered the runway in reverse and stood for two minutes, and in front of him was a person who entered the runway to take off before him, but he stood in front of him for two minutes, then turned and took off, and the second person entered the runway and set off without standing in line and waiting for his turn to take off. This does not even happen in the training server.

‏Also, the airport was very crowded and there were many pilots in the air close to landing, and these people did not care about anyone!


Firstly no need to tag Laura and Dan as they will probably have nothing to do with this.

Secondly as this happened on the expert server and you have taken screenshots of their information please send it to @ moderators (without the space) and they will investigate it and take any further action if required.



Also, for any incidents that occur, I suggest putting them here: Shocking behavior on the Expert Server instead of creating a new topic. Hopefully, there can be some productive discussion on the issue and I totally understand your frustration.

Edit: To make it clear, I am not saying to call out people publicly. I’m saying having things there for documentation and the purposes of a constructive discussion to help pull the community towards a solution.

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Thank you, I will send it

Thank you, I didn’t know about this topic

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Actually, please do not. That topic is for discussion only. Calling out users shouldn’t be done publicly as this can lead to people feeling attacked.

If you encounter something as such as you mentioned in this post, do contact @/moderators as said before.

Its a very effective strategy and could help eliminate this issue… (im only half sarcastic here)


Users should not be called out publicly. You have no context on whether that user is new to IF and what they still have to learn. Much better to write a constructive and respectful DM explaining to them what they did wrong, if you have a forum username for them.

Likewise, Shocking behavior on the Expert Server is only still open because we are looking for constructive feedback. If it becomes full of complaints, we will close the topic. Complaints aren’t productive, practical suggestions are. We know you see this an issue, but we’re yet to come up with a great idea for solving these problems, so we want to hear from you.