Impromptu Phone Spotting @ KDCA

Yesterday, I went on a bike ride, going to KDCA. Of course, it didn’t occur to me to bring a proper camera, so when I discovered that the lineup of arriving planes was quite interesting, I was both bummed and excited. All I had was my phone, and to my surprise, the pictures weren’t horrible! Let me know what you think of my first #real-world-aviation:spotting topic!

First up is the newly reworked 757-200, in the Delta Airlines colors, flying right overhead as it finishes a flight from LAX.

Following that, we had a nice JetBlue E190 arriving from Orlando

Next up we have a Reno Air Heritage Livery on an American Airlines 737-800, arriving from Dallas-Fort Worth.

Next up was the Eskimo 738, coming in from Seattle.

Next in the approach was an AAL A319 after a transatlantic flight from Charlotte-Douglas.

After that, we had a nice Delta Airlines A320 coming from nowhere else than Atlanta Minneapolis.

Following that, we had an itty-bitty Delta E170 from JFK.

After that, the next plane arriving was one of the 5 international flights, an Air Canada Express (operating as Jazz Air) CRJ-900 inbound from Toronto.

To conclude the day, we had someone who I hadn’t seen previously at KDCA. A Delta 717 was coming in from Detroit.

The easiest plane to butter in Infinite Flight, taking on the River Visual approach, making the final turn.

Here it is, in all of its glory. The butter bird itself.

Well, I hope you liked the photos! Sorry if they’re a bit grainy, as I said, I only had my phone. Let me know what you think!

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Finally, someone who knows how to properly do phone pictures and doesn’t abuse the zoom. Respect.


Yeah, that was one thing i was trying to avoid. Thanks a lot!

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Really surprise that 757 can land on KDCA

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It’s the biggest scheduled plane to operate there. Though a 787-8 did land here twice, as a Boeing showcase.

Ohhhhhhh that’s crazy

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That would be so awesome, being able to just ride your bike up to a busy airport with decent spots.

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