Impressive flying at KMSP just now after ATC closed!

This is what Expert is all about. I was inbound and there must have been 20 planes around the airport when ATC closed. I braced for the worst, headed to an open space (little dogleg to the N), and to my surprise, people were actually making room for each other. I found a gap, announced my intensions, and made it in first shot. The line on final looked like someone was doing a beautiful job on approach, but no, it was all just great awareness by everyone involved.

Doesn’t get much better than that.
I actually enjoy flying into busy unmanned airports for this reason, it’s so gratifying when it works out like this.


Of course all behaved well with GLH1002 patrolling the airspace. Haha
Not impressed with things on the ground though. Aircraft lined up and crossed rwy when I was on short final. Had to go around.


yes indeed it does actually looks like someone is Controlling for Approach but that is very impressive how the expert server know how to do it. Another reason why i love Infinite Flight with all the profession and neatness and effort everyone puts in for this game. :)

Basically the defenition 😎 good for you @GHamsz, hope you enjoyed the flight. :)

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I was DLVA1677. When atc went offline I was hoping everyone would be okay. Turns out we have good and mature pilots for once. 😀 (my 900 feet/minute landing wasn’t very good though. I was in a B712.)


Props to those pilots! Hopefully we can see more of this.

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Wow! hmm… I would have expected complete chaos… like Wednesday when someone landing opposite of the in use runways, came right at me as I was on final, saw him just in time. Had to go-around.

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