Impressions of Salzburg Airport and of a flyNiki A320!

Since I did not post anything in this category yet, I decided to share this stuff with you.
Basically a few pics of Salzburg Airport (SZG/LOWS) and a flyNiki A320 (OE-LEG).
I went on vacation and landed at Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI/LEPA??)


This is one of the few airport I have actually visited. Lovely approach in, though it can’t beat LOWI. We need this in IF!!!

Yeah, I live near the airport and I always see the approaching aircrafts on final. My favorite approach is the RWY 33 approach with the 180° turn above Salzburg which I could experience twice already. I never landed in Innsbruck, but went there for planespotting and they have some really fancy approaches!!
And a region with the EDDM - LOWS - LOWI triangle would be so amazing, especially because of the nice approaches at LOWS and LOWI.