Impressed, Rather Than Stressed

Hey Everyone!
Today I just felt like I needed to come on her and give some encouragement to those who might need it today!

One of favorite parts of IF is doing FNF’s or Huge Events because of the funparticipating with so many people at the same time brings! The atmosphere and realism can make it so cool! But sometimes, I feel like a lot of us can get stressed, with things such as: ATC is taking to long or this person won’t move out of the way when i’m trying to taxi! And this happens to me ALOT. All i’m trying to do is take off and get out of this busy airport, but so many hardships and distractions are keeping me from doing so. This actually happened to me today as I was at Dubai for the FNF. I was already not have a good day to begin with (IRL), and when I came on the server I was hoping for a fresh start to my day. But there were so many people that I could barely even move around! After having long taxi waits and finally taking off, I said to myself, “Live can be so difficult sometimes. It’s stressful just trying to get out of the airport and trying not to to get ghosted on expert at the same time.” (I’m on expert btw) Sometimes, I even get discouraged with myself because I think it’s all my fault.
But today, as I departed out of Dubai high above the city, I went into wing view, to look over the landscape and then something happened. I had a BREAKTHROUGH! Suddenly, all my stress went away, all my anger went away and I was just filled a wave of calmness and joy. And you may be asking now, why would you have a breakthrough when just looking at the scenery?

What really happened was that I realized more than ever before how thankful I am that IF is a place that I can go to have fun and have an experience like never before, even when I can feel stressed. As I looked over the breath-taking Dubai scenery, I was reminded by myself to not be stressed, but honestly be impressed about how incredible this game really is. I am so thankful that I have a place to come to when Im not having a good day or am just feeling stressed in general! I honestly don’t know what happens in my mind and heart today through IF, but it really changed my though process!

So, after having that experience, I wanted to encourage those feeling stressed about live or are just annoyed with how busy or how hard it can be sometimes. Don’t Be! Continue to remind yourself to be thankful and grateful for the real joy and impact this simulator brings! Look at all the friendships you can make, the things you can do, and the fun you can have! Don’t be stressed, but be thankful and impressed by this simulator and how far its gone! This simulator can honestly change lives just like it changed mine!

Have a great rest of your day everyone! SO thankful for this Community! Can’t wait for 2019 to be another amazing year of BREAKTHROUGHS!


I do get stressed quite a bit, i mostly fly in training servers because i am only grade 2 and the people there sometimes are so anoying, like they cut in line or they line up on the runway when they were instructed to hold so i could land, one time i almost hit someone while landing because he pulled out on the runway and i was just about above the runway so i had to use full thrust to go around, sometimes i just felt like ending my flight because of those kinds of people, no offense to anyone by the way 😀😉❤️❤️😘🇧🇪

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Yeah, sometimes it can be a little annoying, but like I said we just have to remind ourselves to be thankful for the fun and joy that it can bring us:) thanks for your input!

Yea i love this game, best game on mobile ever!

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