Impossible to take off with any aircraft

Ok, for me it’s impossible to take off…

If I take off without AP, and I rotate,cry aircraft gets pushed to the left and it forces it back down

When I take off with AP it forces me to the right and causes tail strikes and stuff…

How do I fix this… 😫

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Did you check the wind conditions at the airport?

Winds about 3 knots south

ok, What Aircraft are you trying to use and at which airport / runway?

Do you have your device correctly calibrated every time you line up on the runway?

A319, SFO runway 28L

I calibrated about 3 times before I rotate

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Do you over correct on takeoff?

What do you mean, I lifter around 160 knots

I think he means when you don’t take off normally (and end up banking to the left or right)

Can you take off OK in Solo mode? Is it only on live that you have issues?

Live, only on live

It was a normal takeoff, nothing special

160 knots is 10-20 knots too fast for the A320 family (depending on weight), so you might be starting to drift off the runway.

Check the Weight and balance as well. Set to Medium.

Once you are lined up, set the Throttle to about 50% to start with, when N1 settles at about 60-70% then slowly increase throttle to about 90%. (Flaps 2)

If you are using 28L, with a Southerly wind, it will be coming from your right hand side which will try and push your tail to the LEFT and your nose to the right. So gently use the rudder to counteract this as you build up speed. V1 should be about 130-135 with rotate around 140-145kts, when you reach this speed gently pull the nose up only about 5 degrees (first line on the HUD) and you should slowly take off, continue to use the rudder to help keep a straight line. Soon after you will be able to retract gear and activate the HD Autopilot, then SP Autopilot (set to about 220kts). slowly increase your nose up till you have a VS of about 3000 ft/m.

Once above about 1000ft bring the flaps up and maybe lower the nose so you have VS around 2500 ft/m. Set the ALT section of your AP and then slowly increase speed to about 250kts till above 10000 ft.

Good luck!


Use your rudder

No need for rudder. Was only 3 knots

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