IMPOSSIBLE to submit a BAVA application on mac OS!

I cannot submit an application on mac OS for BAVA, the part where I have to enter numbers isn’t allowing me to enter the actual numbers I have, it’ll only accept numbers with 3 characters. Can someone help me with this

Hey there!

Could you provide a screenshot of your issue?

Also, it would be best to continue in this thread below

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I think I know the issue here. You don’t meet the requirements for the landings (90 days) total. Currently you have 16, but the required landings to apply are 20 landings (90 days)

You can head over to KEDW or your favorite airport if you would like to get a few landings in and you should be all set!

Can’t wait to see you in BAVA! You’ll love it!


Re-read the instructions at the top of the table.

“do NOT use commas, enter whole numbers.”

In relation to your flight time and XP.

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I tried everything and my mac kept putting commas, and I did try everything. Do you have any idea as to how to stop this?

And thank you for this! very helpful as i totally missed this.

Flight time




Copy and paste these.

Also as @MJP_27 said you dont meet the application requirements as shown in his screenshot thus why its not letting you submit.

I even tried this and it didn’t work~ and yes I’ll apply when. I know i’ve met the requirements

Minimum of: 20 Landings
Maximum of: 20 Violations in 1 Year and 2 Ghosts/ reports in 1 year

According to your application you do not meet the requirements.


Not IF related… but IF related. Seek help via DM with someone from the VA or another individual who has already tried assisting you in the comments above. Thanks!