Impossible to restart engines after stopover


After a stopover in LSGG from EGGL, I wanted to restart my engines to continue on another destination. After refueling, it was impossible to restart the engines. My plane is a Boeing 777-300.

I think it’s all related to the technical problems between the Ground services, etc.

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This is a interesting one, do you have screenshots?


Did you attempt turning on the APU or Master Battery first


If you shut down at the gate then you’ll have to reset your APU to APU START and let it go to APU ON in order to be able to restart your engines.

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In order to start your engines, you need to:

Have the Battery on
Have the APU on and not in start mode
Have sufficient fuel.


No print screen, sorry

Yes, I try, but nothing

That was the confirguration ! Battery and APU on, and enough fuel

New fly to Dubai and the problem persist ! I try all possibilities. This problem is not normal. For each big flight with stopovers, I always do the same thing. Please check the problem as well the ground services. Thank you

We can’t check a problem that you can’t provide sufficient information for and that’s nobody is able to reproduce. Please share applicable screenshots and/or screen recording for additional assistance regarding this.

As mentioned many times by now :)


Thank you for your answer.

I did two tests and this is the solution that worked:

Mini checklist Boeing 777

After landing
Flaps → retract
Landing lights → off
Strobe lights → off
APU → start

Parking / shutdown
APU on → check
Auto brakes → off
Engines → off
Nav lights → off
Beacon lights → off

Before start
Fuel control → check
Ground equipment → disconnected
Nav lights → on
Beacon lights → on
Passager signs → on
Engines → start
APU → off

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