Impossible T/O

$20 to whoever can takeoff from NZMF

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I don’t even know this place

Did it in an XCub, easy. Where’s my $20

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Ok… after much trial and error I was able to with minimum fuel and full flaps in f22. Regardless… what even is this airport

To those requesting payment, unfortunately I just spent my last $20


Try taking off on runway 07 at VILH.

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Idk, you tell us

Done deal took off and landed, I would $35 USD please!

Alright how’d y’all pull this off, I’m dying to know.


I got one… 100 to the person who can takeoff rw 06 at lukla

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If doing it on solo counts, I’ll take that 100.

Ok… I managed to get out of NZMF on solo with standard temperature, no wind, and 30 mins of fuel in the XCub. How’s that?


Now, some might say “Tom, this topic is in the #live category, so doing this on solo is cheating, it has to be on a server with live weather and such.”

And they’d be right. And as the forum’s leading expert in Flying Tight Circles To Gain Altitude, I couldn’t back down.

So here’s this stunt recreated on Casual. The 5 knot direct crosswind was tricky.

@ryanhalevan, you owe me $20.

I’ll leave this topic open for an hour or two, I’m curious if anyone else can pull this off in a creative way. Have fun!


Did it in an ANZ A320 like a ferry flight. 01:50Hr of fuel 2 pax no cargo
Full brakes until N1 100% like an SNA takeoff. Flaps 3 and Send him on a roll and very steep takeoff then proceeded to land at NZCH

Can I get 3 pairs of 20 dollars since I made it in a 320?

Gonna need to see a replay :)

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Challenge accepted :p

Took off and landed, was actually pretty funny. The other 2 I attemped flipped into the side of the airport’s wall🤦‍♂️

Also for fairness was on Casual server.

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NZ A320 take off in casual
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BA A380 take off in casual, I can’t believe i did it.

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Managed to do it in a fighter jet and even did a loop the loop on the casual server!

🤦‍♂️ you got me 🙄 😂 😂