Importing FPL from simbrief

Hi guys i have a question, since the addition of SIDs and STARs I’m having troubles importing FPL from simbrief. Simbrief inserts automatically Sids and stars but IF doesn’t recognize them, so i have to add them manually… is there a way to solve this or a setting in simbrief which excludes stars from they FPL?


I don’t think so… The best thing I would do is remove some of the last few waypoints and add them in manually.

If I were you, I’d then use FPLTOIF to convert your Simbrief FPL into a more IF-appropriate one. And then just exclude the SID/STAR waypoints when copying it over.

I insert manually a 15hr flight takes about 6 mins to insert manually, not long at all!

It’s easy!


Here’s an example: This is a flight from KLAX to KSFO. What you just have to do is removing the SID (SUMMR1) and STAR (SERFR3) from the FPL here and add them in-app when you spawn in. You just have to remember what the SID/STAR is and then choose those in-app.
What remains are basically the WPTs between the SIDs and STARs. You can copy those WPTs and paste them in the FPL after the SID.

Yeah but in my situation the Sid is quite cleare but the star?

In that case, just check the arrivals in-app that have the same name as the last WPT. If you look at RJTT’s arrival procedures in-app, you will find a MESSE N and a MESSE V arrival. These are the arrivals starting with that WPT (MESSE).

There is no star here. IRL, long flight plans sometimes don’t have a STAR if the arrival airport has different STARs designation for different runways.

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