Importing flight plan

Hi everyone, I need some help about flight plan importing. Usually I use simbrief to prepare my flight but I have to enter all waypoint one by one and its very tedious… I also save my flight plan to import it after but i usually not make the same routes…
So my question is, there is a website or anything else where we can make and download flight plan and import it directly in IF ? Or the only solution is enter one by one waypoint and save it when finish ?
Thanks a lot and have a good flight :)

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If the route is listed in text form, you can copy and paste every waypoint into the search field.

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Yes I know but for long haul flight with 30+ waypoint this is a bit time consuming…

You mean all the waypoint at same time to paste ? It work ?

Go to it’s very easy to do Aviator Dan also has a video on how to use it

Yes, pasting the whole flight plan will work.

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OMG thanks a lot it work 😜😜

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