Importing flight plan altitudes?

I’ve watched the various tutorials and tried searching, but had no luck. When importing a flight plan from simbrief, is there a way to include the altitudes as well? Also, since they aren’t separated in the FPL screen like they are when created in game, does ATC still recognize the SID/STAR?

Unfortunately, you cannot currently copy altitudes from SimBrief. Also we won’t see the procedures if they are copied from SimBrief. However, what I do is that I will copy the flight plan and then incorporate the procedures that most match the flight plan I copied.

After that, I will delete any duplicate waypoints. It may aso help to take a look at SID/STAR charts that can be found online for suggested altitudes since the current system will use minimum and maximum altitudes when incorporating altitudes in procedures.

Check out this topic here for more information: Flight Planning with FPLtoIF after 20.1

Hope this helped

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Thank you.

Anytime! Feel free to pm me if you have anymore questions 😊

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