Imported FPL flight plan

I created a FPL flight plan with waypoints grouped by SID, STAR, and APProach, and saved it to the Files app on my iPad. I later started a new flight and imported the FPL flight plan file from the Files app on my iPad. The waypoints are all there, but they are no longer grouped by SID, STAR, and APProach. Is this normal?

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The reason why this is happening is because when you save it as a file the procedure binding goes away and then IF will not recognise the procedure waypoints when you put the file back into the app.

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Yes, that is what is happening. What I’m wondering is whether this procedure will be fixed so that the FPL is fully restored as created.

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For now it doesn’t work, it might be implemented in the next coming years, but for now it does not work.

Hope this helps

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Hi Robert, this is because we are using Garmin’s flight plan file specification which doesn’t support procedures, so we flatten these and save them as standard waypoints so you can at least have the data available in the file


Got it. Thanks.

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