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When will my warning be removed from the expert server? Secondly, I would like to send a message to the ATC of London Heathrow Airport or any airport on the expert’s server. When the ATIS has information in it that the landing runway is 27L and the departure is 27R, why are you telling me that the airport is not accepting flights now, even though the atmosphere for the landing runway is empty? Only one runway. The departure is full of many planes waiting, and you are giving us warnings. We have the right to play. It is not just you who are playing. As long as we do not break the rules, you have no right to do so. It is very annoying.


If you think you have been wronged you can contact the controller at the time or appeals
(in a respectful manner) and they might be a chance it will get removed

You can contact them by
pressing the 3 lines → 3 dots that says more → Groups → appeals

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Another thing - its best to simply reach out to the controller instead of making a public topic.

I will point out that while I don’t know the traffic situation at the time - and you say it was pretty quiet so ATC denying inbounds would be very odd - we as IFATC are perfectly in the right to deny inbounds for a short time if its busy.



Adding on from what the others have mentioned above, please feel free to check out this guide linked below for the process in appealing a violation:

Let us know if you have any questions. Take care!

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Well, I am with you in what you said and I am not belittling any of you, but at that time or any other time, only the departure runway is crowded, but the landing runway is completely empty, and therefore I can land on this runway. I think that I cannot when the air traffic controllers are in the ATIS. Both runways are available for departure, but they have designated only one runway for departure and the other for landing. Therefore, the landing runway is completely empty and does not have any requests, but the crowded runway is for departure, and I understand the reason for his refusal. The air traffic controller for the tower is under intense pressure from requests for departure, so I was hoping for the controller who holds the flight. The director approach is to take it slowly so that I can change the destination or go around, not for him to give me a direct warning and lose the game in the expert server. Finally, is it possible to remove this caution and return to playing in it again? I hope you will forgive me, as I am new to the community and do not know how to communicate with them in private. So I made the topic public and as soon as I finish, I will remove it

I spoke with full respect for them and did not belittle anyone, but I just wanted clarification and I do not know how to communicate with them directly.

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  1. They are air traffic control. Yes they have the right to control traffic, as their title would suggest, in what ever way they see fit.
  1. Yes the runway may have been empty, but how busy was the surrounding airspace?
  1. You won’t have received a violation for asking for an approach. You may have received a violation for ignoring the denial.

Truth is we can’t tell you why you were reported. When did this occur? Someone may be able to find out who the controller was and they then might be able to contact you to explain what happened. Or, you can contact @appeals as described by another user above.

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Contact @appeals