Important remarks on Tutorials

There is no doubt that the tutorials are very important and a significant help.
At least. It should be.

Every time I log in for a tutorial, every time again, I knock off within the minute.

Why ?

First :
I hardly understand what is said or instructed.

Second :
As it is already very hard to understand the voiceover, it is, moreover, disturbed by a very, very annoying, completely useless, so called music.

Believe me, there is no need for that. Some of us have already to concentrate at the highest level. Extra disturbing noise doesn’t help.

I’m very sorry to tell you this all.

Because, apart from that I do love IF very much. I think I must be a member from its first days. And I’m aware of the fact that making tutorials is a very hard work to do. So please, don’t spoil it afterwards by covering it with useless sounds. And please, be aware, IF is probably used by many people all over the world, so, not all of them do understand local dialects.

I hope, in spite of this not so pleasant comment, it will help IF growing bigger than ever before. Nothing is perfect. But we can work together to it.

By the way. The early videos made by Marc Denton ( If I’m right about his name ) were much better to understand. And there was no additional sound on it.

Thank you all very, very much.


I understand your dissatisfaction in the tutorial, I feel the music adds more to the video and makes it look better. What aspects of the simulator do you not understand? We’d be happy to help!


Well, they’re really meant for people who know the specific terms of flight.

I have suggested for Infinite Flight to update their tutorials, but that is rather unlikely. However, the best thing to do is to look at the community-made IF tutorials, because those put it out in better and more simplified terms.

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Better to have music on the tutorials rather than no music at all. It would be a very boring video otherwise.

You bring up some interesting points here. It is true, that some of the tutorials can be somewhat challenging to understand or overwhelming for those who are not already familiar with flight/aviation terms. This results in your exact reaction as stated:

The music…I guess it’s a matter of taste. On a simulator tutorial, I feel that music makes things a little more interesting (as opposed to real-life flight tutorials).

I’ll say one thing though. The tutorials are a second-stage step of learning, quite honestly. The primary and first stage should always be the user guide. It’s extremely comprehensive, and covers most (if not all) of the basic flight and interface layouts, and should honestly be a must-read for any new user.

When it comes to teaching people how to fly…well, there’s only so much that a user guide and tutorials can teach. For that, there has to be the initiative from the user’s side to research (for example) why flaps are needed or not needed on airplanes, or why an airplane stalls, etc. etc. That gets into the realm of real-world ground instruction, which the IF team can only do (and in some countries, is not authorised to do) so much of.

About the language issue…well…I don’t have anything to say about that. What you’ve said is true, English has its limitations! I’m sorry that you’re having a bad experience on the tutorials because of that as well.

As @Kamryn said, we’d be happy to help out with any and all aspects that you don’t understand about the simulator.


I have to agree to a specific point: there is definitely no need for music in a tutorial. Music is not informative at all, if the tutorial is not about the music itself.
When someone is explaining things the music is just background noise and makes it harder to focus on explanation and the visual that is explained. If there is nothing to explain during a part of the video the section could be cut out or shorten by using a time laps. Some music might be applied to the intro or to the outro, but during the tutorial part it is just contra productive. It is a absurde vouge to underlay everything with music. It adds nothing.
Well, guess I have to stop here 😁
Keep in mind that a serious part of the audience here is not native English speaker. A tutorial should be easy to listen to, and that mean not regarding the topic but regarding the presentation.

Hey DiMay!

Thank you for your feedback. I’m sure that Tyler (the creator of those tutorials) will take this feedback onboard. I personally enjoy the background music, but it’s a matter of personal preference clearly. In the meantime, if you’re finding it difficult to understand the speech, I suggest you turn on subtitles as they are pretty accurate on Tyler’s tutorials from what I have seen (even though they are auto-generated).

I also find it interesting that you found Mark’s voice easier to understand, as he has a very southern American accent.

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I sincerely appreciate the feedback. I recognize English may not be your first language so there is an additional layer of challenges beyond just learning the information.

While I can’t necessarily change my voice, I’ll certainly continue focusing on speaking clearly with a reasonable enough speech rate for our audience to understand.

As others pointed out, the videos do have subtitles which you can use to follow along. Simply enable subtitles, mute the video, and learn at your own pace. I can’t say the music is going anywhere but we’ll certainly discuss internally as we’re always perfecting the formula which to date has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Cheers!


EDIT: Based on your feedback it sounds like your learning preferences would be better met with our written Flying Guide.



If the video tutorials are hard to understand for you, you can try the #ground-school category for many community-made tutorials that you can read.

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Hello Captain S ,

Summarizing my things :

As a ‘Non-Aglofonic’, it’s sometimes hard to understand a specific version of that ‘universal’ language.

Concerning the music :

In this world, there is an overdose. Music everywhere. If not too loud music, like e.g. in many supermarkets. I left my home country Belgium for that sick making fact and emigrated to the centre of Brittany where silence still can be a true fact.

And if music is a matter of taste, as you state, well, let us make the choice ourselves. It is not necessary. I don’t need it. It prevents me concentrating. You must know, I adore music. Very. I adore it so much that it never can be something on the background. Or I study. Or I listen to the music. Never the two at the same time. ( Excuse me for getting off topic for a while )

I’m aware of the fact that I may be a lone wolf about all this. But let me be a wolf at least.

In the mean time, some posters mentioned the fact that there are subtitles. Thank you all to make me remember that.

Your final statement makes it very clear this is a personal taste which you must be passionate enough about to relocate for. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be a reasonable expectation for us to allow viewers to choose their video’s back track or lack of.

Again, try the subtitles or just mute all together. Anything significant that is said in the video will also appear on the tutorial’s info bar displayed on the right side of your screen. This allows you to watch what I’m doing and read the figures without the distraction of my voice or the music.

Thanks for your feedback and happy learning!