Important news, very important!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Today is one of the most happy of my life as an Avaition enthusiasts!
Lufthansa is going to reintroduce their A380 in service in 2023 ! Really ? Yeah Baby 💪!
Imagine , being on YouTube and scroll the borings vids and discover one vid who’s named “Lufthansa bring back their A380 for 2023” !
Lmao , so this is one more reason to rework the A380 in IF and ad this Lufthansa new livery on them!
Have a nice flight or day/night ,
See you in the skies !


Great to hear that! Have you got an article I could take a look at?

By the way, the last picture looks so good, almost look fake!

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Use this topic


Yes the last one is an Flightradar24 picture so…
Thank you for comment mate!

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