Important feature to put whith the global update!!!

First of all I know that this topic is in the wrong category but I couldn’t create in the feature category. So if a moderator read this please move this topic to the “Feature”.

Today I made a 3H flight going around SoCal I was happy to be about to land at KLAX but the “game” (I know it is a sim) crashed. I nearly smashed my phone against my table when I saw this!!! I couldn’t go back exactly where I was and the 3H flight and all the XP that I should have wasn’t register…
So please, with the global update, add a feature that if Infinite Flight crashes, the player has to have the possibility to spawn exactly where he were inflight before the sim stopped.

A lot of players will do very long flights like Paris- Hong Kong and it will be very unfortunate if the game crashes before landing.


Changed, I think it’ll have to go back to general through as your TL1, please wait till your TL2, to post feature requests mate. Furthermore I think this may have already been requested. Thank you!

As much as I agree with you, you need to be Trust Level 2 to post feature requests.

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Please read the forum guidelines.
There is a reason you can’t post in #features and this should not be moved there for the same reason.