Impatient Ground Controller (BOS)

I am currently flying from Boston (BOS) to Frankfurt (EDDF) with a United 777-300ER.

When I was taxiing from my gate/parking to Runway 22L the ground controller told me to cross runway 15R which I was not able to cross yet and they knew I was not able to cross yet (I was on a parallel taxiway and there was no cross taxiway in front of me to turn on and cross the runway). After I crossed that runway, the controller immediately told me to switch to Tower even though they knew I still had another runway to cross and quite a bit more ground to taxi. They knew which runway I was taxiing to and there was only one way to get there… I replied with ‘stand by’ and 3-5 seconds later the controller told me to switch to Tower (this repeated 2 more times). I was eventually reached and was able to request to cross 22R and then switched to Tower.

To ground controllers, slow down and be patient please… There was one other plane at there and it was on the other side of the airport… I’ll get there and when I do I’ll switch to Tower… Just let me taxi… If you know I/someone can’t cross a runway, don’t instruct me/them to cross that runway…


What server was this on?

Was this on the Expert server?

You don’t need to be ready to cross at that moment, we as IFATC controllers give certain commands ahead of time or expectantly, to allow pilots to taxi without interruptions as a courtesy or to expedite traffic.

Many a times, especially on the Expert server, tower controllers are the ones handling runway crossings as they are the ones who know best about inbound aircraft, and can respond to runway crossings much faster than ground controllers, as ground controllers need to “look around” and decide if it’s safe, whereas tower controllers (supposedly) know immediately whether it’s safe to cross.

Handing you off to tower doesn’t mean that the ground controller wants to get rid of you or expedite your departure, it might mean, “Hey! I’m sending you to Tower to handle your second crossing.”

I disagree with this on your context with my reasons above.
Like I said, many commands are sent ahead of time to allow pilots to have better autonomy and control.

However, it would be considered being impatient (and wrong) if for example, the ground controller instructs you to taxi to a certain runway without you requesting it (such as having just push-backed).


Yeah this just sounds like a proactive controller.

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I’m a fan of proactive controlling - i’m on the side of the controller as long as he was in the parameters of the procedures, just because you aren’t there, doesn’t mean he can’t give you that command if you meet the requirements for him to issue it.

If someone has a bit to taxi, but arent at the runway and are clearly going to need to cross it, give them the command to and then its something you don’t have to worry about.

Being that this was BOS - i assume this was training server since it hasn’t been featured outside of choice day this week?


Part of me thought that this is what this was as well (proactive controlling) I just don’t like being rushed especially with a bigger plane prepping for a long flight.

Training (Grade 2)

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I wouldn’t really say this is them rushing you. Being proactive and clearing you ahead of time is quite different than saying “move move move.” It’s just another way to keep things moving smoothly and in a timely fashion for everyone. It certainly isn’t a way of telling you to move faster!

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Training server is just training so you can’t really expect perfection…also IFATC controllers often give proactive commands in expert server(it makes a good controller not a impatient one)

Since it is training server, there isn’t much you can do unfortunately. Anyone can be ATC so sometimes the position is abused. Sorry for your bad experience.

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I’d say the only thing I’d critique from the controller would be them telling you to switch to tower, that’s prolly rushing it. Ground shouldn’t be sending to tower unless a special circumstance.

As mentioned, as it was training they are a learning controller.

Definitely wouldn’t look at the crossing side as rushing you. But remember on expert, the ATC job is to get you out of the airport as quick as possible in the safest way. Once you’re pushing back and taxiing. That means you are ready for your flight. When you’re short of runway and with tower, you’re ready to take off


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