🙁What do I do if a pilot is impatient that he enters the runway without clearance and there is another plane on short final I can’t stand it happening and the plane on short final won’t go around. Also today I experienced the most jerkiest move I encountered. I don’t have screenshots but I was controlling WSSS eh this American a320 or something I think a329 was intentionally blocking a runway so no plane could takeoff or land he was sideways just on the runway. There was another plane lined up for about 2 minutes. And I the American plane was still blocking the runway I had enough I made the plane lined up taxi out (by the way his happened on runway Twenty Right. There was a left turn and I said he can taxi off this runway and taxi to runway Twenty Center but the the american plane went full throttle and literally went sideways right in front of the lined up plane. He couldn’t do anything…

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If this was on TS1, we can’t do much about it.


As said, not much that can be done. Just do your best and try to work around the nimrods.