Impacts caused by covid-19

Great topic, I have a confession to make. This pandemic has been tough on a lot of us for sure, but I would like to admit, between the pandemic and some other tough projects and goals I set for 2020, I sort of slipped into a hole for a while. Basically, I limited my social media interactions with family/friends since I was studying hard for some certifications. I was pretty much isolated from the outside world besides going out to the mailbox or putting the trash at the curb.

One night a few months back, I had so much pressure and burdens weighing on me that I decided to step away from Instagram, IFC, Facebook and Slack/Discord. I cutback my activity with Infinite Flight drastically, and with that, I lost contact with some really good people that I called my friends.

I didn’t realize how much of an influence and impact Infinite Flight had on my life. I missed moderating IFATC, IFC and helping out wherever I could. A large piece of my happiness and well-being comes from interacting with all of you. My wife would occasionally ask about my IF friends and why I wasn’t flying. She knew that I was busy but she said, you enjoy flying and you enjoyed helping the IFC, get back into it and do what you love!

I’m glad to be active again and I hope that I can be a helpful contributor for everyone again! I’m sorry for leaving one night and I regret it.


Just having more time to IF-flying ^^


You have a really supportive wife, that’s admirable! IF Community is really nice and I love flying in IF


Hi, I’m happy for your return to IF community. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Perhaps its history can serve as a lesson and inspiration for many who are in a similar situation. Social isolation has serious impacts on human life and we must be careful not to affect the psychological. So we must take care of ourselves and do what is good for us … good flights.

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