Impact of the Presidential Inauguration on Aviation

###What impact will the presidential inauguration have on aviation today?

Later today, President elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America, But what impact will this have on aviation today?

  • Airspace restrictions? How big?
  • Flight movement restrictions?
  • Flights cancelled?
  • Will there be more private flights into DC for the event?

Welcome your views…


Something I prefer not to think about too much, mainly 'cause I’m Aussie!😉


Nooooope! Donald won’t be getting my support on restricting these things.


Here’s what the FAA released earlier this week.


They’re temporary for safety during the ceremony…


Thats not a huge difference from the normal restrictions around DC. The only difference is that SFR has been increased and the GA flights into and out of DCA have been suspended.


I heard bus stations and airports around the area are busy, I don’t see a need to get political on this thread. I like the topic as it asks the impacts of it and what restrictions there are. I live near Disneyland which has a permanent restriction zone, that I sometimes see GA aircraft break…I’ll take a screenshot but I have seen aircraft above Disneyland well under 3k ft,


When I was there, 6 months ago, you could see the planes land at DCA from the Capitol building

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I also saw A320’s and 737’s landing from the capital, it was beautiful!


I think they aren’t allowed to fly over the Capital building, so you to do a Kai Tak approach of something like that.

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Here you can get a idea.


Oh and ill be flying in TrumpF1, in KLAX all day.

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Usually they will probably place a no fly zone, probably delayed flights out of DCA due to restrictions

Based on his comments revolving around the Boeing-Airbus WTO trade conflict, and how they impacted Boeing’s stock. I believe Trump will have a significant effect on the aviation industry. He has also had words to say about the states of airports in the US. He has yet to learn about the power of his words now that he is President and I believe that alone can sway the industry. Do some reading from the articles and make your own informed decision. These are a few, I edit in articles as I find them.

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