Immediate Takeoff

IFATC Education Group blog post by Suhas J

When a controller clears a pilot for immediate takeoff or asks them to expedite, they are placing their trust in the pilot. So, how can you make your controller’s life easier?

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Thank you so much! As a Controller myself, it would help very much. When I’d clear some for an immediate takeoff, some people end up stopping on the runway for a few seconds instead of immediately starting their takeoff roll and the incoming traffic gets too close for my liking causing go arounds.


Agreed, I’ve faced the same situation many times, which is why I decided to focus on this topic for today’s post to help draw some awareness to the matter. Glad you enjoyed!


I always line up, and take off without any delay. I’ve got one question though to all you controllers out there. I like to be polite and I respect that you guys provide the service that you do for us. So After TO clearance I always set take off power and then say “thank you good day”. Is that appreciated or is it annoying due to unnecessary communication. Let me know so I can adjust accordingly 😄✌🏽 Happy flying !


I’ve never experienced this personally other than a “Thank you, Good Day” after I approve their frequency change. But if your on the runway, I’d wait until your clear to change frequency for your departure. No major issues with it though! :)


Nice And Useful Blog Suhas !

Many Pilots need Immediate T/O When Airport Is Very Very Very x10 Busy

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nothing is worse then sending someone for immediate takeoff then having them stop, true pain.


Nice topic Suhas! I can’t count the amount of please expedite I have needed to give after an immediate take off. Of course flight safety comes first, but always appreciated when pilots expedite the take off roll!

In terms of the “Thank you, good day” I always appreciate it when I hear it! I may not always have time to respond, but it is appreciated. The other thing to note, is that while working multiple frequencies such as Tower and Ground, misc messages such as this aren’t actually played to the controller so you don’t have to worry about disturbing them! If they are able to notice it, it’s a nice harmless gesture in my eyes!


What Aaron said! These messages are not a disturbance at all, and are contrarily appreciated by your controllers. I always try to send a TYGD before issuing a frequency change or similar departure, as well as respond to those sent to me.


while i am sure that naysayers will shout me down about this, in the real world, the pilot ALWAYS has the option to refuse a takeoff clearance. it should be no dofferent in Infinite Flight, especially when the downstream effect would be a forced go around.

the reasons can be myriad, but the main one is experience and readiness,
better to hold off than need extra time on the runway due to experience with the bird or IF,


I try and go 30kts on the lineup, and full power as soon as able. Working with the rudder to make sure I’m on track


I agree wholeheartedly what you said.
Experience is key to make a sound judgement, even tower controller on occasions cleared for immediate T/O that is a little too close for my comfort to take off safely esp if it is a long taxi to the runway or back taxi. So replayed message to say to hold Runway X as to say no.

You definitely can with a “standby” and maybe we can even highlight this in our next post. :)


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