IMMEDIATE departure

I love immediate takeoffs IRL I think there cool and save time but I was wondering how much separation is need for this on IF? IRL it feels like barley 3nm lol depending on the day ofc so if anyone has an answer pls let me know :)


In IF, aircraft separation for departure/departure aircraft is that the first aircraft needs to be airborne before the other begins his takeoff roll.


oh ok that quick? because their been times on expert I had no clue why atc wouldn’t let me takeoff even tho the aircraft jus got its wheels off the ground

It varies on a case by case basis, there might be crossings he has to take care of or he isn’t comfortable with the given separation. There are many factors for example during FNF the spacing for departures are very close, so make sure you are aware of your surroundings and have a good understanding of what the controller would like.

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There is a great departure tutorial where Tyler talks about “anticipated separation”. If you are in a 320/757 or larger it takes you a few seconds to get moving, lining up, and then approaching take off speed. By that time it is anticipated that the plane in front of you is well out of the way. Some airports have hold short lines closer and some have them further away so the controller adjusts as needed.

This is all done in an effort to keep the flow moving without delays to pilots on the ground. This is why when you are holding short you should be focused on your device and not multi-tasking because the call could come at any second and it could mean the difference between the inbound plane landing behind you or going around.


maybe… I remember I was leaving EGLL and @Trio was tower hat day and I was cleared for takeoff for RW 27L and literally once I hit my v1 speed I heard Saudi xx cleared for takeoff…etc and I pulled up n left the airspace as fast as I could lol it was funny but not only was I trying to arrive at my destination on time I didn’t want to have barley 2nm separation with the aircraft behind me

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is it a youtube vid bro? because I do a lot of immediate deapartures in IF so I want to know lol

nvm I see u posted it

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Typically, I’ll get a line up and wait command as the landing aircraft it’s passing in front of me, still in the air as I am no factor to it.

Or when they clear someone for take off, next comes line up and wait command and then cleared for take off as soon as the get airborne because Jets will not be attempting to stop on the runway once they get that point and Speer is basically irrelevant

You have to squeeze departures out in the small windows given to you in order to not have huge departure queues. Some will takeoff and apply full power on the departure leg, so there’s nothing that can be done for that if a radar frequency isn’t open.

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Sometimes it depends on the aircraft , if your in a 747 with a Cessna taking off you’re going to want to wait a bit longer before you start you’re takeoff roll

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true… ofc

so is it fair for example if u were tower and im in a 738 and I need to get in the air now or i’ll be late to like an event idk and a b789 just got his wheels off the ground can I request takeoff or would u say “line up n wait RW xx”

The only thing I take into account when issuing a takeoff clearance is separation, I don’t care where you going. Once the aircraft taking off is above decision speed I anticipate the separation and clear the other aircraft, that is holding short, for takeoff.


I appreciate everyone who answered my question I really do thank u! now I don’t have to be too frustrated when im waiting on a 777 to get 5nm distance with me lol

You can always just ensure you have 1000ft of vertical separation and let them pass under or over you.

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ok i’ll see if I can apply that next time im in a situation were I will need it :)

As people have said earlier, only one aircraft can be rolling at the same time.
Sometimes ATC give a takeoff clearance sloghtly early because the departure needs to line up first. Just don’t rush it because the plane taking off might be using reduced thrust or be super heavy.

That’s not the way it works/should work. There is the line up and wait clearance for this.

I have personally seen it.on ES before (although that time ATC jumped it a bit and I had to increase throttle to get out.of thw way)