Imgur images don't show

Whenever I paste an Imgur link, I get a black frame with white inside, and little blue text in the top left corner Imgur (not a link, rather to show the color). I can only use images in my posts if I upload em from my library, which makes the quality horrible…

Is there any way to fix this?
Sometimes they do work, but lately I just get the text displayed instead of the image.

For example, this image.
Edit: oh that actually did work…
Edit 2: it did, but not on the best IF photos topic.

That’s not the solution anyway.
Whenever I try to upload an image, it first displays the text. Then I click the reply button, I get the following message:

You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

Do you have a screenshot of when this has happened?

I’ll try to get one, hang on.

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I didn’t get that message this time, but as you can see in the ‘Best IF Photos’ topic, the picture doesn’t show.

Here’s two screenshots from my side.

Could be Imgur’s problem…

Might be, however, I like using Imgur, because picture quality is higher…

Weird, do you have a stable internet connection?

Yes I do, upload and download speed are both good.

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Specifically weird is that the Alitalia A321 picture is from Imgur, and works.
However, this picture is from Imgur too:
And it doesn’t work.

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