IMC ILS Approach @ FACT

Hello everyone, just wanted to show a video of an approach I just did to FACT with the A220-300. This is my first time I try something like this and it was fun, flying IMC without the HUD / Map and land.

Disclaimer: I know this is not the most realistic approach, the minimums are way to low to fly a regular ILS app, the only way realistically to get down to that airport is with autopilot but I thought it would be fun to try it anyways. The video unfortunatly doesn’t have audio. And yes, it’s a miracle I didn’t crash :)

How would you do this approach? Would you do something differently?


Im sorry, please can you put this in the #screenshots-and-videos category, thanks and have a good day!

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To add to that, your photo has the game UI in it, which is not allowed in the #screenshots-and-videos category. Please change the photo to one without the UI or try to edit the UI out or risk topic closure.

Have a good day!

Its not a photo :)

Perhaps it has been changed now ;)

It’s been always a video, I don’t know why it looked like a photo but if you click it it sends you to YouTube

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