Imagining the ANA 737-800 in Infinite Flight

One of the planes I wish was in Infinite Flight is the ANA 737-800. However, I doubt it will ever get added even with the feature requests. So I tried my best to recreate it in Google Drawings. (I didn’t put 100% of my effort in it through) Here is the result:


How good do you think the picture is?

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Any tips since it’s below 5 (bad) I purposely didn’t do the windows so none of that

That may be why. The colours are too static. You need to add shading.


Result: Google drawings suck

I added the missing windows, can’t find a way to add shadows. If you guys can show me how without any money, please tell me.

Well you can manually go about it, and the windows aren’t the only obvious omission. Especially for this crowd there are a lot of small details that you didn’t account for. 3D edits like this are very difficult, so you’ll get there!

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Could you list them so I can add them