Images not uploading

Hello, I am trying to make a topic and it is not showing the image, only showing the link of the image. Is there any way to fix this or is it something with the image?

**image **
(screenshot of it)

Are you not looking at the preview? When you insert an image before you upload it, it is in the form of a link. You can verify it is uploaded correctly on your topic or post in progress by checking the preview section of the interface.

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Yes, I have looked at the preview and double-checked it multiple times. It shows the preview as the same link as it was.

Alright awesome thanks for telling me that, Angelo. Can you verify you tried to delete the link and reupload the image? sometimes I make a slight mistake and back click on a character on the link without knowing which results in this.

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Yeah, I have deleted the link and reuploaded it, I have also attempted to copy and paste it in, upload the file, and the file link. I had a previous image that was the same type and uploaded normally, but the one that I have been trying to do is not working.

Hmm odd. Well I have good and bad news, Angelo. Bad news is that this issue is beyond my knowledge but the good news is that there are plenty of other people and the support team who may be able to solve your issue. Sorry I wasn’t able to help and thank you for providing me with that information as it’ll help the next person trying to help.

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Alright, thanks for trying to help. Appreciate it.

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What file type is the image you’re trying to upload?

I saved it as a PNG.

Are you on mobile because they normally don’t upload on mobile?

No, I am using a desktop computers, windows 10.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure the forum does not accept png files then, it just converts it to a jpeg.

I’ll see if it works if I save the file as a jpeg instead of a png.

You can convert it using this.

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Same problem happened. I’m gonna try to make another draft and see if it was just an error with the post.

Figured out the problem, the topic can be closed now.