Images Missing On IFC

Hi everyone, recently (starting yesterday) some of the icons have started disappearing on the IFC. This problem is not present on the browser safari, only google chrome.

System Details
Browser - Chrome




I’ve been having issues like this across several platforms. Usually they load in but, only after some time has passed. The usual 5 minutes.

I have a issue related to that
My bio description does not appear
Should be resolved soon


Now the IFC refuses to work on Google Chrome. All I see is a blank screen, and the taskbar indicates that the page is done loading. Anybody got any tips?

Troubleshooting so far

  • Restart Computer
  • Clear Cache and Cookies for Browser
  • Hit the reload button multiple times

That’s strange. I’m using Chrome right now typing up this message and its working just fine.

Only difference is that I’m running 10.14.1 Beta. But other than that really nothing special. Maybe try deleting Google Chrome and reinstalling it?

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Thanks will do!
(By the way love your username “MattBook Pro”) lol


Just letting u know, that your bio does show up…

I have had this problem happen to me too, however it does load in after a while.

Yea, I can’t get any pictures either, only a few load…

Try clearing cache and cookies for Google chrome

It is happening on my iPhone 6s as well

I use an iPhone 8+ and am not having any issues. Possibly [a] certain type(s) of device(s).

Just was about to make a topic on this. I cannot see any image or even someone’s image next to there name. Really confused! Cannot even post. Took me 10 tries for this one.

Using an iPhone 8+ and I can’t see anything in Best IF Photos

Final Update

The problem has fixed itself after 48 hours.

Cause: Unkown
Troubleshooting: Wait 48 hours.