Images Gone tiny, then into text

Hello everyone,

I was adjusting my Forum Post, and the images I added are now tiny, however in the post editor the images show up exactly how I want them, does anyone know how to fix this?

You should see a option to make your image 100%. Click on it and it should be back to normal. If not, re-uploading the images should do the trick.


I used an html IMG tag, something supported by discourse, so that doesn’t show up

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Okay, can you try re-uploading your image? That should do the trick.

Works fine for me when I try to upload it.

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Nope I re uploaded and its still broke, can you send through the source you’re using?

Well I found the issue, discourse is scaling down my image to 100px * 30px. I just need a solution

Wonderful, now the system has made an edit and replaced the images with text scramble @moderators can I have some help?

Can you try downloading the images through the Download button (when you click on the image, you should see it)?

Yes I can download them. But how would I put them up on the page because you can’t do the normal image upload inside Div Elements?

Can you try uploading the images through your phone or tablet instead? That should work.

Tried it, but it still makes the (upload://xxxxxxxxxx.png). And when I place the upload inside a div it removes the image and converts the “(upload://xxx.png)” into text (I am not placing in side a text tag like
<p>, I am just putting it in the <div> tag

Not sure if this would work, but can you try copying and pasting this in?


Nope when placed inside the div it still converts to text

Oh, I get it now. You need to leave a space between div and the image for the image to show up.

Nope, still converts to text when there is a space between.


and the ![VACenterCS|820x273](upload://wFMuxrzYV83zaeTZyDf6TGCqilD.png)

Weird, it should work.

Just to clarify, you did it like this, right?

Right… so by space you mean another line not just " ". Im stupid…

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Thanks for solving my problem @TheAviationGallery

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No worries, glad I managed to help! Have a nice day :)

Yeah I had the same problem too. You need to have a line break between the div and the upload text.