Images Boeing 737 max (Gol Airlines)

Images of the newest aircraft of Gol Airlines the Boeing 737max that is at the airport of KFLL, with this aircraft Gol will operate its biggest route that will be leaving Brazil to the United States !! In a few days this aircraft will be in Brazil!


The 737max is already on Brazilian territory, congratulations Gol Airlines for the new achievement !!
The Aircraft is at Confins Airport (SBCF) !!
The start of operations will be on November 4 of this year.

The Gol air network for the United States will have four departures to the State of Florida, with departures from Brasília and Fortaleza. These Brazilian cities were chosen because of the location and opportunity of connections with the other domestic destinations served by the company, Gol said.

According to Gol, the launch of direct flights to the United States will be possible thanks to the arrival this year of the new models Boeing 737 Max-8, which have greater autonomy of flight.

The company will receive six Boeing 737 Max-8 aircraft during the second half of this year, part of an order totaling 120 units to be delivered by Boeing over the next few years.

With a capacity of up to 186 passengers, the 737 Max-8 has a range of 6,704 kilometers, compared to the 5,704 kilometers of the 737-800 models currently used by Gol.

The distances between Fortaleza and Brasília to Miami and Orlando oscillate between 5,560 kilometers and 6,107 kilometers. If the starting point is São Paulo, these two American cities are at least 6,568 kilometers. This explains Gol’s option to leave Brasilia and Fortaleza instead of taking off from São Paulo.

“The arrival of the Boeing 737 MAX, starting in June 2018, is further delivering the best travel experience to our customers with new and modern aircraft, exclusive services and products and a strong, integrated mesh,” he said. Eduardo Bernardes, vice president of sales and marketing at Gol, said.

According to Gol, Brasília and Fortaleza have a total of 30 destinations that can make connections.

Aircraft Prefix: PR-XMA


I don’t know why I thought you lived in Brazil. Will they be doing daily routes with it into KFLL? Nice pictures!

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Wow! You got very close!
Were you invited?

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I live in Brazil, these photos are my friend’s !!

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Wanted to have been LOL, but I live in Brazil these photos are my friend’s !!

Flown GOL once great airline nice to see the get some great new aircraft.

Can’t wait to see this beauty!

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The 737 MAX is an amazing aircraft, but it looks even better in the new GOL livery. Can’t wait to see them here in the U.S.

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