Image upload problem

Hey everyone. I am having a problem with uploading images to a topic. I was making a Screenshots and Videos topic, and everything went smoothly until the landing shot. I waited for the upload to process, and when it got to 100%, it froze for about 30 seconds and said “Sorry, but your upload failed. Please try again.” The file size was 2.7 MB, and I used the screenshot feature in replay mode. I checked my internet and ran multiple speed tests that had normal and fast results. Picture was unedited. Any help? Thanks.

Note that I tried multiple times.

I moved this to Meta since this is forum related. Im not exactly sure why your photo won’t upload, but I do know that you can only upload 5 photos at a given moment. Have you tried to close your browser or the Discourse app and tried uploading that photo again?

I tried restarting my browser, and no other applications were open at the time. I ended up deciding to try again another time, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve gotta go now so I’ll troubleshoot more later, and thanks.

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I had a similar issue a few times. If I remember correctly, the best way to fix that was to restart the phone/browser

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