Image to Drawing

Ok. This is not the Suggest any Aircraft thread. This is where you give me an image of an airplane than I redraw it.

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And how exactly is this any different to this?


Can you remake this?

With all due respect, your description is exactly like the Suggest Any Aircraft thread.


This kinda is the drawing thread… It isn’t your personal stash here, just go on that thread and find some aircraft to draw!

Check the Suggest any aircraft, we’ll draw it thread. You can make suggestions or get suggestions there.

I have to agree with @Marc it’s no different as you already have to redraw the image on that thread anyway.

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  1. You don’t tell me what you want you give me an Image
  2. It’s for just me to redraw your all’s images.
  1. Just find an image off the thread and draw it 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

We don’t need another thread for drawing airplanes, please use the existing one. This has nothing to do with Infinite Flight and this is an Infinite Flight community, not anything aviation related.