"Image Source: Google Images" isn't a source

Ever since the rightful rule of adding a source for every image that gets uploaded to the forum, I can’t help to notice some individuals putting the image source as “Source: Google Images” or “Source: Search up XX on Google”. I’m sorry to break it to you guys, but this isn’t a an actual source.

For the purpose of this particular explanation let’s pretend you took a photo of a new secret Boeing 797 test aircraft. Let’s also assume you have Instagram, or a website where you post your posting photos. When you’re building a website, you usually have a section dedicated to Alternative Text, which also determines your ranking on Google (similar to hashtags on Instagram). So, because search engines like Google cannot actually “see” your amazing new image of the Boeing 797 test aircraft (it’s all automated; they’re robots!) they need a way to order those images based on the relatedness to your request.

Let’s also assume your Boeing 797 test aircraft photo is the real deal. It gets many views, likes and you get many followers on Instagram. Because your photo gets this much attention, whenever someone types in their Google Search bar “Boeing 797 test aircraft” your picture pops up first (because you put Boeing 797 test aircraft in your alternative text). Should be a proud moment for you…

But then, some guy from FictionalForumName decides to tell everyone about the new Boeing 797 test aircraft. He googles “Boeing 797 test aircraft” and picks your picture, posts it on FictionalForumName, and then writes:

Image Source: Google Images

or, even better:

Credit: Google

How do you feel now? This guy posted your amazing Boeing 797 test aircraft photo and credited “Google” instead of you! Did Google take the photo? I think not…

All of the stuff that you find on Google Images belong to someone. Credit them accordingly.

If you’re unsure how to properly give credit to the photographer, I recommend checking out this guide written by @JRRaviation which tells everything you need on how to properly give credit.


Then i will credit next time photos i use to “The Internet”

Joking Aside, i actually feel how dumb it is to credit google


Not too much we can really argue against with this. It’s a good time to positively remind members of the forum about this and you did it in a very understandable way.


I think a moderator might also have to confirm this, but stating that a photo is in public domaine isn’t really a source…
Could someone please confirm?

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Public domain is a loose term that generally describes a work that is copyright-free, which basically means there is no “true” source to a work. I’d say it’s not required but I’d like to her the mod’s input.


But that just seems like a lazy way to not actually cite the work…
Let’s just wait for a moderator to adress this issue.


As far as I am concerned the copyright laws are vary variable depending on what country you live in and what country the photo is uploaded from. I am not a lawyer though, so don’t quote me in that.
Also, be justifyiable or not, it just seems like a lazy way to get around the rules for citing work properly.

Let’s just wait for a mod.


The best way to find the right person to credit is to click the image on Google and head over to the link or website it came from. Search for the name of the source on that website and credit them.

Yes this is going on. Google is taking a lot of credit to images and more.
This is what you have to know:

  • Once you post picture on social media or any platform is not for you
    no more. Even your own portrait picture. Why? because you just SHARE it to
    the world and you fail to put a well title of your image, the ALT text,
    and more importantly, the description of your image.
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I made a little rant too ;)


Amazing guide! I’ve added a little line at the bottom to further promote your post, as it’s basically about the same issue :)

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Just attach the link where you found it… It’s simple

The whole point of the topic is to address people who think the link where they found be picture is Google, hence they credit Google for said image which is wrong.

(They should credit the photographer instead)

People will tend to credit the website and not the photographer. It gets on my nerves


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