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Hey guys,

Lately I have been wanting to post some of my plane spotting photos on, and hopefully get them featured on FR24 like @Cameron_Stone :). To upload a photo onto JetPhotos it needs to be 1920/1200 or something like that. My pictures are much too large (4000/3000). How do I compress my images to this exact size? Thanks for your help!

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Convert it to jpg or jpeg

This will automatically make it smaller?

No, only size will be smaller.
You can also look for a resizer if you want the size smaller or bigger

I’m talking about the size (in pixels I guess), not the actual size. So making it a jpeg will make the size in pixels smaller?

No, just search for a resize…

Ok, I found one. Thanks for the help!

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Seems like you got it covered haha. I use Photoshop to resize. At first, you have a maximum size of 1280px wide, and have to keep the ratio between approximately 16:9 and 16:12. Good luck!

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