'Image Credit: Google Images' - Why it's wrong


Recently, I have seen a huge increase of people posting images on the forum they found on Google Images and writing something like this below the image;

Image Credit: Google Images

If there is one thing that you get out of this topic, let it be this;

So say you want to get an image of the Tigerair Boeing 737 for your feature request, so you consult your good friend Google for a picture. You search up Tigerair 737 and this is the first result.

You think perfect! and stick it in your request with Credit: Google Images below it.

Now, let’s look at this photo from the photographer’s (my) point of view.

Side Note: That is my photo, and it’s not actually on Google Images.

This is probably the best photo I have taken while plane spotting. I took an hour to edit it (no joke) and I put it on a plane spotting forum. Then, a year after I took this picture, I find it here on the IFC, with a caption saying some million dollar company took it. You can understand how I would get annoyed, especially given how long I took to edit it. However, had you taken the time see who took the photo and properly caption it with Image Credit: Kai Malcolm via planespottingforums.tk I would be much happier

Thanks for listening to my rant, and have a nice day.

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Whare’s my English teacher when I need her… 😂


I really don’t see a lot of people doing this. But this would be great to link when they do.


Where’s my doctor when I need him


Good call! Yes it’s annoying and also lazy just saying ‘Google Images’ rather than referencing the source correctly.

Great photo and edit by the way!


Already posted a similar topic :)


Hmm… maybe i found out your name…

Anyways, this is a good topic. People love plagarism these days don’t they? Kinda sorta i guess