Im so devastated right now i was getting ready to start descending to my destination then all of a sudden the game stopped responding its never done this before, it then forced me to close the app now i won’t gain that XP That i was flying for, for all the years ive had global then it decides to do this today im worried it was a 2 hour flight, but why would the app crash on a 2 hour flight when ive done 4+ hours flights without a problem

When the message came out saying “infinite flight has stopped responding” i really was like “STAY WITH ME STAY WITH ME” while tapping the wait button instead of close app 😂

And while it was not responding i could still see the last frame frozen but i could still hear the plane flying but then it disappeared from the live flight map, so im now worried for the future flights if it happens again because this is the last thing i expected to happen today after all the flights ive done with no problem, and has anyone had this problem before.
I was so excited to do this approach and landing but it is what it is, enough of this now.

Good day


App crashes are very common nowadays and happen to most people. My suggestions would be to 1. Clear the scenery cache 2. Lower your graphics 3. Close the app out (restart it)

It’s quite frustrating when the app crashes and can be very unpredictable. It is an issue the staff are working on right now so until then just play with lower settings and less busy airspace’s.

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have you tried clearing up your device storage? as this can cause if to run slower

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Don’t worry about your XP, flight hours and landings, they’ll save

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I have now cleared the cache I’ll see how it runs the next time i fly thank you

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My storage is plenty left but ill remove some things to see how it runs thanks for your message

Oh thank you for telling me much appreciated

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