I'm violation-free for 2 years and 5 months. Now it's coming to an end

Now my viophobia is way too worse :((((((((((

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yeah unfortunate

Talk to your local doctor :(

General question: Will the violation list be cleared after 12 months ?

Yes after 12 months correct.

As I understand it’s not quite like that. You won’t see your violation in the stats after a year, however your VIO/LDG ratio will never be 0.00 again and it’ll remember everything as well as “show violation history” 😈.
Tbh, I don’t think we should be focused on escaping violations at any cost. I believe it’ll come to you as a consequence if you just fly within the basic rules like “never be distracted at a critical phase of flight”.
Hope you guys will survive that serious disease 👨🏻‍⚕️


Shanwick and Gander is another thing. If both airspaces are heavily guarded, I’m pretty sure you may receive a violation even after you’re reaching something that ain’t so critical (failure to follow flight plan).

Me who hasn’t gotten a violation for over 4 years:


cmon man youre the lead show ur way :)))))

He relapsed, quick get him 2 ccs of Intranasal Administered VioBlock.

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