Im trying to fly across the pond, but this is weird…

Why are the cross Atlantic tracks going west to east turned off every morning?

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they are off right now!

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If you look how real life traffic looks, you’ll see why :)
Our tracks are pulled from real life data.


The tracks are only active when there is a high amount of traffic going across the atlantic. You can still fly if there is not a track active for the direction you want to go, you just have to file your own waypoints in your flight plan.

but there are cargo flights running 24/7… I’ve just noticed because i take off every morning and fly a route all day whole im at work, for the past few weeks i find the west east tracks gone, like all of them, only east to west are active right now! i just find it odd that theres not even one west east track open in the morning, so there are so few flights going to London in the mornings they just shut off automatically? how does that work? who turns them on and off? I mean I’ll do it, make my own flight plan, but it doesn’t look professional on paper! 😆

Not all trans-Atlantic flights utilise NAT tracks. Many will run south or north of them depending on their destination and what dispatch calculates as the most efficient/logical routing possible for the company. And yes, west-east traffic that would likely utilise NATs don’t pick up until after 1000 (using LHR as an example). Gander and Shanwick Oceanic are responsible for updating the NATs twice daily.




ok, that makes sense, buuut this is infinite flight, we are not airline pilots and all of us fly our routes at different times! i mean, i get it, stay as close to real world as possible, but it seems unnecessary in a mobile sim

They pull data from real-life for the NAT tracks because these tracks are never permanent… they change daily with the winds and weather, and some other things. It’s not really feasible or reasonable to just create your own randomly.


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