I'm trying to buy LIVE

I’m trying to buy live but it keeps telling me that background data is desabled

I have an RCA vayyager 2
Newest version of IF

PS I have looked around and I can’t find anything that helps

Well, here is my idea: Restart the app. If that doesn’t work, delete the app, and restore purchases.

how is that helpful? Better :)


Re install IF, restart your device, check your storage :)

Not at all I just G it I can’t find it cause only a few thousand have it

Make sure you aren’t in airplane mode and data is turned on. Make sure your battery isn’t low and some background data restriction is turned on. Try restarting your device.

What will it do to my Paris region?

G it? What does G mean?

Google I think?

nothing, you may just have to restore your purchases :)

It’s not a problem with IF it’s with the device cause I tried to download some ATC thing does anyone know how to turn it off

ATC thing? Elaborate further please :)

It’s some ATC training thing

Could you name the app?

Why do you want it?

If you say it is the cause of the problem, of course we will need more details in order to troubleshoot your problem

I found it it’s working now hope to see you out there and @NatIsrael972 it’s feast test training and ATC module 1

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