I'm thinking apply for IFATC

Hello. I’m intesting taking ATC exam soon. I’ve watch many video or topic about how to became or what is require or some others. I just wander that in the exam, do I have to do Deparcher and Approach too or it’s just ground and tower. If someone can answer for me, that’ll be really great to me.


Just ground, tower and atis is what you would be taking the test for. Of course Atis isn’t tested. App and dep is another certification once you are a controller.


Sweet! Because I realle never done Dep and App that much so I was worry if I should be able to do! Thank you so much!


Yeah it’s a challenge so focus on Ground and Tower, if you have any other questions feel free to let me know.


okay. Here is I’ve thinking about. I wanted video and I assume they will ask me about trandition altitude. I still don’t know how to know and how to find it.

See this video and take a look at the manual:

Page 10


The transition altitude is the altitude at which aircraft are approved to fly through your airspace without having the intention of actually landing. Your airspace goes from the ground (SFL) through the altitude you can find by clicking on the blue circles surrounding your airport. Generally, the airspace extends through around 3000, but it varies per airport. Also, you don’t want to approve a transition that is above your airspace as the aircraft intends to fly through your airspace. Hope this helps, best of luck with IFATC!


there are 3 of them. which I shoud I use? Here is how KLAX shows. SFC->2600 2600->4100 8100->4100
Let’s say I’m doing ATC at LAX and which number shoud I give whoever asked me for transiton altitude?

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I’ve watch that video many time and I kinda get it what is it. But I wasn’t suer how he chose the altitude and If I’m sending it then how I decide. I’m sorry asking stupid questions

Read the manual, this is what we follow. Airspace is 5000ft so add that to the elevation of the airport. Patterns would be at 1500ft AGL so transitions should not get in the way of this hence they would be approved at around 2500-3500ft.

It’s essentially what to use if you want to enter the towers airspace without landing. And it’s not a stupid question, it’s all daunting and unknown when you are new to all this. I myself was in the same situation.


is there any simple equeation to find out exact number? lol

Not really.

Airport elevation is let’s say 2000ft. This means patterns would hopefully be at 1500ft agl. This means patterns would be at 3500ft MSL - you would want at least 1000ft between those transitioning and those in the pattern so I would say 5000ft MSL for the transition.

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So whatever it says SFC->2500 + Elevation of the airport will be the number of the trastion alt? and maybe you can add +1000 or 2000 from it.

Read the manual. Patterns should be at 1500ft for an airliner. You know the airport elevation by clicking on it, airspace is 5000ft from the ground so all that’s means is the transition must be approved within this otherwise it’s not a transition and the aircraft is free to fly over without contacting ATC. 3000-3500ft is a good approximate altitude. This is all MSL though need to remember that airports at 1000ft or something would have patterns at 2500 because 1500+1000 - 2500MSL. Hope this makes sense.


Do you have an ATC tracking thread

I don’t think I do? Because I don’t know

Okay, that makes me more easy to understand! I’m not sure what is airport elevation

Airport elevation is the altitude the airport is from the MSL

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The number that show when I clicked the aiport?