[I'm Sure This Will Be Closed Post Haste, But...] Part Two- What Can YOU Do?

In spirit of Tim’s post last week, I thought I’d encroach on a different theme for today, addressed at the end. First, a few words…

  • No one stops in the middle of the runway, comes to a halt, and asks tower for takeoff again for a touch and go.

  • No one, when told to back taxi, stops and turns around the plane, then proceeds to literally taxi backwards down the runway via pushback.

  • No one flies a harrier approach on a one mile shortcut to base, cutting in front of three other planes in the pattern.

  • No one floors it onto the runway at 40 knots and veers off balance of the centerline.

  • No one takes two minutes to respond to an instruction.

  • No one dawdles around and misses their intercept because they weren’t paying attention to the frequency.

  • No one commits seppuku and barrel rolls over a stopping plane while going around.

  • No one floors it to the maximum ceiling limit once wheels have left the ground.

  • No one tries to ask for a runway or instruction that had already been given twice.

  • No one askes for descent to 2000 feet when he or she can clearly see the looming peak of Mount Everest lurking over them like a shadow from the depths of the Underworld.

  • No one tries to pushback at 1 knot every 30 seconds during peak time while they’re convinced the controller isn’t looking, shimmying into the rear end of a triple 7.

  • No one can be Thor and try to land their C208 in the back of a moving C130 with the ramp open like the Quinjet in the Avengers.

  • No one fails to pay attention to the METAR and proceed to wipe out their plane on takeoff because they weren’t adjusting for the gusts (4 wipeouts in 10 minutes at Tokyo). This is not Surf’s Up, people.

  • No one pushes back, then decides to ask the controller to cross the airport and four runways to get to the one he wants during peak times. You’re not the Emperor of China. News flash- the last one died.

  • No one tries to side up against another plane on a parallel approach like the Ferrari from Fast and the Furious hoping to knock out the other car. There are separation standards for a reason.

Amount of teas consumed a day

  • Pre-global: x1
  • 3 weeks into global: x4

You guys are killing me here. Literally. There is only so much ghosting can do.

What’s the point of this thread?

Myself and the controlling team would love you guys’ help in making the Expert server a better place. For any aspiring pilots, feel free to direct them to the well-done IF mentoring program, which can be found here. In addition, FDS has released a number of helpful videos on YouTube, listed all in a convenient playlist.

Also, respectfully, we ask for your patience as we deal with the influx of new pilots. If we’re not responding to something quickly, chances are we’re trying to deal with a troublesome individual on the frequency. Trust me, we hate it as much as you do. All I ask and beg of you is to never repeat something twice. We heard you the first time. If you never got anything, then you’re either unknown or too far out.

The more we can do, the better. I know that together IF can be even greater if we work as a community to educate those who are new and will be joining the Expert server soon. With global upon us, I think we owe it to ourselves to elevate a greater level of responsibility on our members, especially the ones who have been here for some time. Demand is growing every day.

Will you pitch in to help us out?

… I’m going to have another cup. Cheers.


Thats a new one LOL. Haven’t seen that yet, but I am sure it is there.


I sure am trying that one out


No one can be Thor and try to land their C208 in the back of a moving C130 with the ramp open like the Quinjet in the Avengers

i really really really want to see this
I almost choked laughing at this LoL

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Be sure to pick the correct server :)


Yes, yes, yes. We need to work together to make Infinite Flight a more realistic experience for other fellow pilots, and ourselves. This is one thing I’d love to see happen, and it takes time, work and practice!

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Wrong. @DeerCrusher can.


I love my 208. 😍 I get so much enjoyment out of it.


Well said, disappointed that Global made Expert the new TS1.

At least Expert is still better than TS1 :)

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@JoshFly8 thanks for stating that; it is really needed unfortunately…

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Just one info for you. You know that all peoples have problems with connection to Live server and I noticed sometimes that communication was lost (yes also in log) so I must send my request again.


The cool thing is that you actually don’t have to send it again. If you send it the first time while not connected, it will automatically go through when you regain connection. If you hit it over and over, it will send it over and over when your connection is regained.

Is everything out of your system dude? @JoshFly8

To add onto what Josh said.

No one lands on the blastpad for a runway, bounces two hundred feet, slams the nose gear to the runway only to proceed to bounce again, then slams the nose gear and then lifts off into the air again…
Not naming names, but the name starts with a J and ends with an Osh 👀…


Sorry but you do not understand me, problem is not with sending, but with receiving message from ATC.

Similar to one of the bullet points…but after I give a ‘taxi to runway xx…’ command, nobody requests a taxi to two or three different runways after the fact. And surely (but please dont call me Shirley…) nobody just ignores the instruction and proceeds to taxi to a different runway. Oh wait…nevermind…


Amount of teas consumed a day

XD. ATC always stresses me out. Glad there’s someone I can relate to.

so I havw kind of beeen having trouble not to veer of the centerline in the runway, Whenever I reach takeoff speed my plane starts doing that. Anyone know how to solve or what I am doing wrong.

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That happens when there is a crosswind in either direction. You need to apply rudder inputs in the opposite direction of the plane swerving or in the same direction as the wind.

I take this opportunity to thank you and all ATC controllers who spend a lot of time and nerves on giving us, the other players, a more realistic experience in this game!