I'm stuck...

There’s been a lot of these types of posts on the forum lately, but I’m just going to add to the list ;)

I’ve got 6 dollars left on an iTunes gift card (I don’t care if I go a dollar or two over) and am looking for an aircraft or even region to spend it on. Maybe I should wait until @epaga realeases his app? Should I wait for the C-130? Are any of the Embraer jets good in IF? Might consider purchasing one as they are small and cute… I guess.


If you don’t have any of the B787s, I would recommend those, and anything from the A320 family

ERJ 190 is great, as BOAC use it as the first jet. ;)


If you don’t have B777 then go for it


I’ve got all the 787s apart from the -10 (no liveries.) I might wait for the C-130 to come out, but I could get that later with 'real’money, if you know what I mean.


I’ve got the 773er and 772lr

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Ok I didnt knew that.

Yeah I might buy it… just don’t want the C-130 to be released like a day later though.

If you said that you have $6, I would recommend getting live, and seeing how you like it

Why don’t you wait for the release of that? ;)

Will C130 be a free plane or a paid one

I probably will, it’s just that I really need a new plane to fly :)

I highly doubt it

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It will be paid…

I really don’t like polls, but I have to do it :|

  • ERJ-170
  • ERJ-175
  • ERJ-190
  • ERJ-195

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Which embraer aircraft is best?

In my completely unbiased opinion, I think you should wait for my app. 😂


Haha 😂 I’ll probably buy an aircraft now if your app doesn’t fit in my 8 dollar price range :)

The core (co-pilot-only) part of the app will definitely fit in that range, but if you’re looking for the full experience with all IAPs, it probably won’t.

Well I’ll probably just use money to buy the rest of it anyway. I am super impatient so if it doesn’t come in the next week, I’ll get a new aircraft ;)

Haha, it DEFINITELY is not going to be released in the next week, I can assure you of that.

Yeah I was expecting that 😂