I'm still experiencing FPS drop above certain FL's

I had this issue on my last cell phone, so I upgraded the hardware, thinking I would solve my problem. But no. It stills not working properly, even with the lowest settings. And yes, I already followed the checklist suggested by you guy in my last topic (reinstall, delete stuff blá blá blá). I love this sim, I just want to play it. It helps a lot when I’m studying, cause I leave my phone in a long haul and read. I really like this dynamic. Please fix it. It’s something about sky rendering.

Hey! To help you along, it may be helpful to let us know what your new device is, what operating system it runs and what version of Infinite Flight you’re running.

This will most likely give more people more ideas about what the issue may be, and will most certainly help us get to that point a whole lot quicker!

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It’s a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 now… Then, it was also a Xiaomi, but a Redmi Note 8. It used to run smoothly before, but now, it’s literally unplayable.

Andróid, MIUI 13

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